LHSI makes a difference

"Starting my second year of college, I didn't have much in the way of a professional identity. By the end of my internship, I had gained professional work experience, presentation skills, and connections to medical and career services professionals on campus. These things really boosted my confidence as an upperclassman as I prepared for postgraduation life."

—Kamilah Walters, LHSI 2013–14, IUPUI Graduate 2016

Applications for the 2024–25 group are closed. The 2025–26 application will open in late January 2025. Sign up to be notified when the application is open.


What goes into an LHSI application?

This process is meant to be like any other internship or job application. Getting help relevant to your major or career field is really important because each field is different. There is no "right" answer to the application pieces other than doing it in the way that you would for your future career. We expect that you will work with your career services office or the Office of Student Employment to determine what skills and experience to highlight across your materials and what sections to include on your resume. 

The LHSI application has a few parts. You will need all of these to apply to LHSI: