Graduate and postgraduate outcomes

Our internships develop students as emerging professionals, retain them to graduation, and give them a good foundation for their next steps after graduation. Forty-seven percent of interns continued at the internship site after LHSI, and most of the others participated in other engaged learning opportunities immediately after LHSI.

Of the 1,000 interns who completed the full internship through academic year 2023–24, 80.6% graduated from IUPUI (now IU Indianapolis), and 17.7% are still enrolled and on track to graduate from IU Indianapolis. Of our graduates, 71% went on to be enrolled in graduate and professional programs, and 29% are employed in health and life science careers (some are employed on campus and are now LHSI supervisors).

We were also included in a publication about campus-level retention initiatives: N. Douglas Lees, "Creating and Supporting Best Practices in Student Retention" (March 5, 2015). Academic Chairpersons Conference Proceedings. Paper 3. This publication can be read online through the Academic Chairpersons Conference site

Opportunities after LHSI

47%of our interns were hired to continued at the internship site.

29%of our interns pursued a summer internship or research opportunity off campus.

26%of our interns pursued another job, research, or internship opportunity on campus.